What are yourmicroSD weaknesses? What do you do badly? The thing about you that is not desirable is your flaw. Flaws, imperfections, shortcomings are all words to describe just this – something negative. Possible flaws could include being forgetful, procrastinating (always put things off until close to the deadline), being over-confident, being too dependent on others, smoking, using vulgar language, being prejudice, being a couch potato, etc. As you can see, some of these are character flaws, meaning they are part of one’s personality and others are like bad habits.
  -Heather Pfeiffer
  你的弱點是什麼?你最不擅長的是什麼?你身上的不完美就是你的瑕疵。瑕疵,不完美,弱點都是描述性的用詞-描述負面的事物。可能會有的缺點包括健忘,拖延症(總是把事情拖到最後的時間點),太過自信抗癌食物,太過依賴他人,抽煙,使用粗俗的言語,抱有偏見,沉迷於電視,等等。正如你能看見的,它們中的一些是性格缺陷,意味著它們是一個人個性的組成部分,除了性格缺陷之外,其他的還包括不良習慣等等。  (原標題:Flaws,imperfections, shortcomings)
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